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At home worldwide: Renewable energy from PNE Group


The PNE Group, to which WKN Italia belongs, currently operates in 13 countries in Europe, South Africa and North America. This broad and flexible structure makes the group of companies more independent of potential fluctuations in individual markets and business areas. For this reason, we also plan to extend our commercial activities to other technologies and markets, including but not limited to, developing countries with a high energy demand.

Essential factors for the entry into new markets include secure, calculable framework conditions and co-operation with local partners who have an extensive network at their disposal. The development of our different business segments is coupled with a regional expansion of our business activities: in addition to industrial countries, our commercial activities cover developing countries in Latin America, Africa and in both the Middle and Far East.

The approximately 450 employees of the PNE Group dedicate themselves daily to moving one step closer to realising the vision of energy supplies provided solely by renewable energy sources. For clean, sustainable energy production - now and in the future.

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WKN Windcurrent employee Marshall Mabin

"Working as part of the WKN Windcurrent team in South Africa is extremely rewarding. The team is growing and so is our healthy new pipeline of wind and solar PV projects. WKN Windcurrent is positioning itself well to participate in approaching renewable energy procurement rounds now and long into the future. It’s very exciting to be part of the WKN journey here in South Africa."

Marshall (Project Developer in South Africa)

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WKN contact sales - Corinna Pauschardt

"I have been working for WKN for 19 years; for 14 years in the area of Sales/Due Diligence. The experienced, long-standing employees of WKN and PNE ensure reliability in the processes. Often, the transaction teams are a colourful mixture of people from various cultural backgrounds. Above all, it is this goal-oriented and close cooperation beyond national borders that I enjoy."

Corinna (Sales department in Germany)

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Sevivon employee Holger Gallas

"I’ve been working for Sevivon in Gdansk for almost 10 years. The WKN’s further plans make me optimistic for the future and I am pleased to be able to actively support the implementation. An important component of our success is that we as Sevivon and WKN treat the local guarantors with as much appreciation as elsewhere."

Holger (Project Coordinator in Poland)

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VKS employee Ann-Sofi Laurin

"In Sweden we have great activists working for a climate change, one single person can’t do everything but everybody can do something. I feel great comfort in working at the WKN group within renewables doing whatever I can to improve our climate situation of the world. That is something I bring further to my children, and I am proud of it."

Ann-Sofi (Project Development in Sweden)

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WKN France employee Julien Cochard

"Being a project manager is a lot about working as a team, taking up challenges and establishing contacts with a lot of different people. What I like the most about WKN is the capacity of the company to encourage training and knowledge sharing between employees, which is a very effective way to improve the quality of our daily work."

Julien (Wind projects manager in France)

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